D & L Landscaping has years of experience installing walkways, patios, driveways, walls and fire pits .We will create and install a custom hardscape project that will be a perfect match for your outdoor living environment. Our hardscape design portfolio…


D & L Landscaping provides superior lawn care and landscaping maintenance services for all types of residential and commercial properties. As a full service landscaping company we provide personalized maintenance tailored to each client.  Or maintenance professionals can keep you property in optimum conditions for you 365 days a year.  Our landscape maintenance portfolio…


At D & L Landscaping we take great pride and enjoyment in the design of a planting project, including new beds, trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals. With our high quality standards, years of experience, we can design and create a beautiful perennial or seasonal annual bed. Our landscape planting portfolio…


Weekly cuts include, weed-whacking, blowing off driveways, walkways, and where needed.

Tree and shrub care:

Pruning your trees and shrubs help promote healthy strong plants. We prune winter damage and during season when needed. We trim hedges during the month of July.


When the soil under lawn is highly compacted, grass runs into trouble.  Aerating the lawn will allow nutrients and water to better penetrate the roots of grass.

The best time to do this is two weeks before applying the years final fertilize or six weeks before your first frost.


Dethatching your lawn is often a necessary move. A regular lawn dethatching schedule can eventually boost the health of your lawn.

This is a part of our spring clean ups.

Bed care and mulch:

We edge out all garden beds, remove all unwanted weeds and finish with a fresh layer of much, if wanted.

Fall Clean Ups with leaf removal:

We start our fall clean up around the first of November

Clean ups include: Blowing out all garden beds, rake and take away leaves and debris, make a final cut.